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Wild Wheels: Bike Race

Wild Wheels: Bike Race

1.1.5 by Street Extreme Motorcycle Game
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Wild Wheels: Bike Race Wild Wheels: Bike Race Wild Wheels: Bike Race Wild Wheels: Bike Race Wild Wheels: Bike Race Wild Wheels: Bike Race

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May 13, 2024
Street Extreme Motorcycle Game
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More About Wild Wheels: Bike Race

Ready for a real racing rush? Hit the track in this hell-for-leather biker racing game, rev your engine till its screaming, and burn rubber till you reach the finish line. If you’re looking for a high-octane, all-action casual motorcycle game, then look no further—download Moto Rush 2 right now and get ready for the rush of full-throttle bike racing.

• GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNING: Pump the gas and get the needle of your bike into the red to ensure you get off to a flying start and leave your rivals eating dust in your rear-view mirrors.

• HEAD OUT ON THE HIGHWAY: Once you’re traveling at break-neck speed, it’s time to think about handling too! Weave your motorcycle through traffic without dropping off the pace.

• SAFETY FIRST: Keep your bike away from other vehicles and obstacles on the track, or you’re likely to end up in a spectacular crash that will send you flying over the handlebars and far down the road. Still, you can always dust yourself off and get back in the race.

• LYING IN THE ROAD: Steer your bike carefully to grab cash and other resources off the track as you race by. It’ll take some real handling skills to maximize your profits on each level while staying ahead of the competition.

• A LITTLE BOOST: Ride your bike over lightning symbols to pick up nitrous, then double tap for an extra boost of acceleration when you need to shoot forward into the lead again.

• TRACK AFTER TRACK: Keep winning in the game to open up new areas with epic new tracks to race on—more obstacles, more jumps and more thrills around every corner!

• FINE TUNING: Use your winnings to improve your motorcycle’s different parameters—speed, protection and HP—and turn it into the ultimate street racing machine to maintain your dominance on the track.

• BIKER CHIC: You can also spend your loot on improving the looks of your bike and your rider, with cool new skins, outfits and characters that will unlock the more races you win.

• BIKE KING: As you progress through the game, build up a garage of awesome two-wheeled machines, from classic choppers to modern street racers to highly maneuvrable dirt bikes. Switch between motorcycles to ensure you have the best bike for the race at hand.


If you’re looking for no-holds-barred, nitro-fueled street racing with spectacular crashes and challenging tracks that will keep you coming back for more and more wild rides, then what are you waiting for? Download Moto Rush 2, jump in the saddle and tear up the highway like you’re born to be wild.

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