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The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

0.25.1 by Hot Siberians
(0 Reviews) May 11, 2024
The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

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May 11, 2024
Hot Siberians
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More About The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon

The Idle Forces: Army Tycoon is incremental game. But it isn’t one of the traditional idle city builder games! You won't find here supermarket, restaurant, roller coaster and amusement park because it is an army simulator, rookie!
Do you want to become an idle army commander and command the tycoon military units of a powerful state and execute peacekeeping campaigns? Do you want to raise a recruit to a military specialist? Bring Freedom, Law and Order even to the most remote corners of the planet!

On the orders of a top army commander, you will set up a military camp and take control of a military base in a hot spot. Your main priority is to train operatives from green recruits. Every recruit and sergeant need to defend army homebase with a gun. Periodically, professional soldiers attack the military base! It would be better if it were mafia or zombies … Zombies are easier to deal with!

An idle military base is a complex structure which need to build, upgrade and customize. Each building has its own purpose.
Chefs cook in the kitchen. This is certainly not a restaurant, but they will give you a cookie and lemonade for dessert!
In the infirmary, the medics will put you in a hospital bed if you're sick, and you'll feel at home instead of in prison!
It's not a hotel empire for overnight stays, but a barracks with everything you need, including lemonade and cookies in the vending machine.
To be resilient, you need sports activities. Sergeants choose a training program for your idle recruits. Instead of a gym, the military camp has its own firing range and shooting range. This is not an idle golf game or a roller coaster, this is a an army simulator, rookie!

Become the best special forces soldier and go on missions of transport forces by car! Make your own military business empire!
Earn money, replenish the bank and tap tap to invest in military tycoon base development!

- Distribute money between your bases
- Train and upgrade every soldier
- Monitor the progress of your recruits
- Create conditions for recruits in the clicker game
- Transfer troops between hot spots
- Create a training program for your men
- Dispatch operatives on dangerous missions
- Receive awards from the headquarters
- Unlock and customize new bases and make army business empire
- Adventure capitalist clicker game


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