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Raidfield 2

Raidfield 2

16.31 by Online WW2 Shooter game
(0 Reviews) May 12, 2024
Raidfield 2 Raidfield 2 Raidfield 2 Raidfield 2 Raidfield 2 Raidfield 2

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May 12, 2024
Online WW2 Shooter game
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More About Raidfield 2

Join the Thrilling World of Raidfield 2: Play, Earn, and Conquer!
Step into the heart of WW2 action with Raidfield 2, where strategy meets intense combat. Immerse yourself in the role of a valiant soldier and team up with friends for an unparalleled third-person shooter experience. With Raidfield 2, not only do you get the adrenaline-pumping thrill of battle, but you also have the unique opportunity to earn real money while you play.

Exciting Features of Raidfield 2:

Play to Earn: win battles and earn gems to exchange for real money.
Team Play: Join forces with friends for cooperative missions and strategies.
Upgrades: Upgrade your weapons, tanks and airplanes to become unstoppable.
Diverse Vehicles: Master control of tanks, planes, and turret vehicles for strategic advantage.
Character Customization: Tailor your soldier with an array of options for a unique battlefield presence.
Weapon Arsenal: Choose from 16 weapons and over 40 skins to dominate the battlefield.
Missions: Engage in missions to keep your gameplay experience fresh and rewarding.
Iconic Battles: Relive legendary WW2 battles and locations with our diverse maps and make your mark in history.
Vehicle Variety: Deploy 4 types of battle vehicles from major WW2 powers: USA, Russia, Japan, and Germany.
Diffrent Gameplays: Play in deffrent gameplay modes and enjoy amazing experience of third person shooter.
Stylized Battlegrounds: Engage in combat across polygon-styled WW2 landscapes.
Progression and Rewards: Develop your soldiers, tanks, and planes, and ascend the ranks from Private to General.
Immersive WW2 Experience: Authentic atmosphere that transports you straight into the heart of World War II.

Play to Earn with Gem and Unipoly Coin:
In Raidfield 2, your battlefield prowess is not just for glory but also for gain. Earn our in-game currency, Gem, through your achievements and strategic gameplay. Exchange these Gems for Unipoly Coin, our exclusive cryptocurrency, to enjoy real-world rewards. Your skills on the battlefield translate into valuable digital assets, making every victory more rewarding.

Achievements and Levels:

Earn more than 16 diffrent medals.
Unlock 42 unique achievements.
Rise through all the military ranks.
Upgrade 10 levels of Weapons, Tanks and Planes.

Gain extra points and rewards for completing achievements.
Your troops are eagerly awaiting your command. Download Raidfield 2 now and embark on an epic journey of combat, strategy, and earnings!

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