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Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games

Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games

7.22 by Sniper hunt wild deer&duck 3D
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games

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May 13, 2024
Sniper hunt wild deer&duck 3D
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More About Hunting Simulator:Hunter Games

We'd love to make this game as reallistic as possible - join us to make this happen!
Walk, find, aim, shoot - be the hunter, join the hunt!

Start from target shooting on Kuwait map and test yourself with skeet shooting/clay pigeon shooting.

Hunting world of this game (hunting app) includes a lot of different hunting locations (maps):
*USA-Alaska/USA-East and Canada;
* Italy, France, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Greenland;
* Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil;
* Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and more others!

Weapons to shoot with animated gun reloading:
* Shotguns 8 / 16 / 12g / 12v / 12semi Auto / .410 gauge
* Rifles .223/.308/.338/.50 with scopes for best shooter experience
* Hunting bows and crossbows
Use different projectiles types for different animals and birds.

Keep in mind ballistic calculator with wind shift: pay attention to the wind at long distance shooting!

Hunting dogs. Give commands & hunt with the dogs like a Pro hunter!

Animal hunt (wild animals hunting):
* Deer and Big Buck, Moose and Elk, Hog (boar);
* Bear hunting / Grizzly hunt;
* Wolf hunt/ Fox hunt / Hare hunting and more others.

Bird hunting:
* Duck and Goose hunt;
* Woodcock and Pigeon shooting;
* Turkey hunting;
* Pheasant and Grouse/ Capercaillie hunting

Safari hunting with an Africa's Great 5: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo.

Winter hunting and night professional hunting

Feel the hunter call of the wild nature with:
* Decoy calls;
* Binocular with different zoom and distance calculations;
* Thermovision and night vision;
* Hunting accessories: camouflage & flashlight.

We are going to add few more stuff to this hunting app:
* Hunting competition;
* More dogs for the hunting;
* Sport hunting campaigns and etc.

Hunter feel the passion of hunting games and hear the call of the wild. Try to be more than deer hunter or big buck hunter marksman. Respect the hunting & other hunters. Beware of wild animal cause it’s wild hunt and you can be attacked.

You can play the hunting simulator in offline and online mode absolutely for free.

Be the hunter and enjoy hunting clash right now!

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