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Game of Kings:The Blood Throne

Game of Kings:The Blood Throne

(0 Reviews) May 10, 2024
Game of Kings:The Blood Throne Game of Kings:The Blood Throne Game of Kings:The Blood Throne Game of Kings:The Blood Throne Game of Kings:The Blood Throne Game of Kings:The Blood Throne

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May 10, 2024
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Warrior Kings, it’s time to build your empire and seize the throne of a medieval kingdom rife with magic and turmoil!
Game of Kings: The Blood Throne is a real-time strategy and simulation war game for mobile where players build armies, slay and cultivate monsters, form alliances, and battle each other to achieve their destinies and take their seats upon the Blood Throne!

With the weave of magic unraveling, the ancient and mysterious Rune Continent of legend has appeared! Not for the faint of heart, the Rune Continent brings untold challenges and rewards for those brave enough to enter. Gather your Alliance and test your spirit amidst the mayhem of the battlefield, as you stand shoulder to shoulder to conquer the Rune Wonder in intense warfare against players from all servers! Who will beat all rivals and claim the title of Supreme King?

Game of Kings Features:One world, one server

✔ Epic Player vs. Player Strategic Warfare
Real-time PvP combat against players around the world. Hone your strategy to outsmart your enemies and lay siege to their settlements!

✔ Unique Monster System
Goblins and Skeletons and Dragons, oh my! Explore the world map to hunt and slay monsters. Unlock and cultivate monsters in your Beastiary to bolster the ranks of your army and dominate the battlefield!

✔ Build a Massive Army
Train infantry, ranged, cavalry, and siege units across four increasingly powerful tiers! Amass hundreds of thousands of soldiers to conquer and defend your empire!

✔ Resource Management
Gather, produce, and manage six different resources (food, iron, stone, wood, silver, and gold) to build and upgrade your Stronghold, train your armies, and research new technologies!

✔ Cooperative Alliances
Create or join an Alliance to team up and wage war across the kingdom. Make friends with players worldwide, develop and strategize together, and rally your forces to triumph over all others!

✔ Academic Research
Over 140 technologies can be researched in your Academy to give your kingdom an edge over your opponents and enhance your capabilities in War, Defense, Trade, Economy, Tactics, and Construction.

✔ Customize Your Heroes
Forge legendary weapons and armor to equip your Heroes and become immensely powerful! Develop your Heroes across two different skill trees to best suit your plans for victory!

✔ Real-time Chat Translation
No language barriers! Talk and cooperate with anyone with our real-time chat translation system, capable of providing translation for 34 different languages!

✔Exploring the unknown of war
Lead your army to "cut down lumber" and "build construction", collect various survival resources in the wild, train soldiers, and build your own powerful country in this civilized era.

- Medieval fantasy background, MMO, RTS game, command and conquer kingdoms and castles, occupy fortresses, and feel the impact of battle glory
- Real-time automatic translation, make friends and chat with players from all over the world.
- Play for free in the most addictive interactive action strategy MMO game with PvE and PvP modes.
- A huge open world with hundreds of kingdoms and millions of lords' castles.
- RPG style character upgrade system. - Regular competitive matches and challenges. - large number of special material cards. - A gripping story.

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