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Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting

Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting

1.5.2 by Deer Hunting Games - Simulator
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting

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May 13, 2024
Deer Hunting Games - Simulator
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More About Duck Hunting 3D - Fps Shooting

Duck Hunting Journey with Fps Shooting. Shoot the bottles for Training, Drive Jeep to the Lake and hunt the birds while driving boat.
Welcome to "Duck Hunting" game 2023 for the ones who love fps shooting and hunting. This game is a mixture of hunting and shooting. If you love to hunt the birds like ducks you can install this simulator game. Go out with your shepherd dog for hunting, pick up your gun and target the closest duck. Be careful about aiming the duck because if you shoot in wrong direction the ducks will fly away. Many people hear of duck hunting and think that it can be very easily done, but this isn't true. Duck hunters have to scout the land before the hunt so that they can hunt strategically.

In this game, there are 2 different modes.

1- Bottle Shooting.
2- Duck Hunting.

In "Bottle Shooting" mode, you can shoot the bottles to set your aim. It is the practice mode to make you aiming master and the best shooter, so that you can easily shoot ducks without missing any shot. Shoot down bottles caps in shooting training to boost up your hunting expertise In duck hunting mode, you can shoot many ducks who are flying high in the sky. In this mode, you can also drive the car to go to the bank of river for hunting. Your shepherd dog will help you out in collecting the hunted ducks. Complete the learning phases of duck hunting to achieve real bird hunter badge. Download now for free and be amused by this great mixture of duck hunting and shooting.

Every chapters consists of number of objectives. Complete all objectives to accomplish the missions.

Follow the indicator and arrows to find your destination. Target the ducks carefully otherwise they will fly away.

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