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Conquest of Empires 2

Conquest of Empires 2

1.0.61 by Snail Games USA Inc
(0 Reviews) May 10, 2024
Conquest of Empires 2 Conquest of Empires 2 Conquest of Empires 2 Conquest of Empires 2 Conquest of Empires 2 Conquest of Empires 2

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May 10, 2024
Snail Games USA Inc
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The game has been updated, and all mobile phones can enter the game smoothly.
[Game Bonuses]
The Early Access Test will open on December 20th. Enter the exchange code: COE888 in the game, and you can get 888 diamonds and 6 kinds of rare items. Join Conquest of Empires 2. Discover the charm of civilization, and enjoy the joy of conquest!

Royal Enlistment Order: Join the game and receive 28 powerful historical heroes, including Barbarossa, Louis IX, Alfred the Great, Queen of Sheba, Wu Zetian, Hannibal Barca, and Lancelot! Build an invincible army and conquer the world!

Building Upgrade Bonuses: Each time you upgrade a building, you will be rewarded with up to 3500 diamonds as well as various items, equipment, units, etc. to help you develop your empire!

Easy to Upgrade with Auto-Fight: 24 hours of automatic fight allows you to upgrade heroes and collect equipment easily, making your in-game adventures more relaxing and enjoyable!!

[Game Features]

Welcome to Conquest of Empires 2, an epic feast of strategy! This game is like an encyclopedia of ancient civilizations, where you will experience the rise and scramble of ancient civilizations.

In the game, you will become a city lord and choose one of the four great civilizations, namely China, Rome, Egypt or Persia, to start your own civilization. This game is not only a building simulation, but you also need to summon heroes and soldiers, skillfully combine all kinds of units and formations, and even fight against longer odds.

In addition, you can participate in a variety of missions, build houses, cultivate fields, operate forest farms, upgrade buildings and so on. Every time you complete a mission, you'll be rewarded with generous rewards. In Conquest of Empires 2, you will review the glory of history, fight with epic heroes and revive the glory of ancient cities. It is not only a numerical duel, but also the use of wisdom and strategy.

The game has no VIP privileges. We insist on fair competition, and focus on testing players' strategic intelligence and teamwork. We are committed to creating a user-friendly game, so that every player can easily enter the game, enjoy the glory of the ancient civilization, and feel the endless fun of conquest.

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