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Battle 3D - Strategy game

Battle 3D - Strategy game

2.7.0 by Advanced war simulator
(0 Reviews) May 13, 2024
Battle 3D - Strategy game Battle 3D - Strategy game Battle 3D - Strategy game Battle 3D - Strategy game Battle 3D - Strategy game Battle 3D - Strategy game

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May 13, 2024
Advanced war simulator
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Battle 3D is NOT compatible with: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2013, iPad Mini 2, 3, iPod touch 6 or less.
Command great battles with large numbers of soldiers, jeeps, tanks, artillery, helicopters, aircrafts, warships and other units.
Several types of soldiers: assault rifle, bazooka, sniper, machine gun.
You can control all units from above or control individually the unit that you select.

Defend your industrial areas and conquer enemy factories to produce more military units.

Complete mission editor where you can design your own battles, selecting the number of soldiers, jeeps, tanks, helicopters, aircrafts, factories, type of terrain and much more.

You can also add units in the middle of battle, in missions created with the mission editor.

Tactical nuclear weapon, with great destructive power. Use it against large concentrations of enemy tanks or against their main industrial zone.

Transport of soldiers by helicopter. You can order the transport helicopters to land, and the soldiers will walk towards the helicopter.
Then send the helicopter where you want, press the land button and the soldiers will go down.
It is very useful to conquer enemy factories in their rear, you can also use it in the mission editor to create your own exciting missions.

You can also transport soldiers by land, in trucks, or by sea, in boats.

We have recently added the naval campaign, with missions with warships, aircraft carriers and unit landing ships, in huge scenarios, don't miss it!

In addition to the campaign and mission editor, there is also multiplayer! Play battles against other opponents in real time, show who is the best strategist!
Collect victories to move up a grade. If you defeat a player with many victories, you add more points.

Battle 3D is a very addictive game, you can not stop playing, moving your tanks conquering factories or surrounding enemy armies.

Enjoy now the great battles of Battle 3D!

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