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Aerofly FS Global

Aerofly FS Global

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(0 Reviews) May 12, 2024
Aerofly FS Global Aerofly FS Global Aerofly FS Global Aerofly FS Global Aerofly FS Global Aerofly FS Global

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May 12, 2024
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More About Aerofly FS Global

Aerofly FS Global is a highly realistic Flight Simulator in PC-quality for your mobile device for beginner and professional flight sim pilots. Explore the world of flying with extremely detailed and accurately simulated airliners, fully interactive 3D cockpits and realistic aircraft systems. Fly with complex airliners, helicopters, business jets, fighter jets and warbirds, general aviation aircraft, aerobatic stuntplanes and gliders across the photorealistic landscape.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This game requires at least a device an A12 chip. The level of graphics details depends on your device performance and memory.

8 aircraft included in the base app:
• Airbus A320
• Dash 8-Q400
• Learjet 45
• Cessna 172
• Baron 58
• Aermacchi MB339
• F-15E Strike Eagle
• Jungmeister biplane

23 aircraft available as in-app purchase:
• Airbus A380
• Boeing 737-500 Classic
• Boeing 737-900ER NG
• Boeing 737-MAX 9
• Boeing 747-400
• Boeing 777-300ER
• Boeing 787-10
• Concorde
• CRJ-900
• F/A-18C Hornet
• King Air C90 GTx
• Junkers Ju-52
• UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
• EC-135 helicopter
• Robinson R22 helicopter
• Extra 330LX
• Pitts S2B
• Corsair F4U
• P38 Lightning
• Sopwith Camel
• Fokker Dr.I
• ASG 29 glider
• Swift S1 glider

Included scenery in the base product:
• US west coast from Sacramento to Monterey including the San Francisco Bay Area region
• Detailed custom made airports

IMPORTANT NOTE: The global scenery streaming service requires a working internect connection
Explore the world with our global scenery streaming! Global streaming is available as prepaid subscription and adds world wide scenery coverage and other global features:
• Global high-res aerial images and elevation data
• Global 3D buildings, objects and points of interest (on selected and powerful devices)
• Global night lighting
• 2000+ hand made airports,
• 6000+ global airports,
• 10,000+ missions based on real world flights
• 100+ hand crafted flight missions

• Pushback
• High resolution aerial images
• 3D buildings and terminals
• Dynamic aircraft lights (on selected and powerful devices)
• Optional Flight assistance with simulated copilot
• Global air traffic simulation with optional flight-paths and labels
• Instant replay with option to resume flight from that recorded state
• Go back in time and try again after a crash
• Skip forward in time along the route
• Instant selection of cold and dark, before engine start, ready for taxi, ready for takeoff, on final approach and cruise configurations
• Personal flight statistics, achievements, career progress and recorded flight paths
• Adjustable time of day
• Configurable clouds
• Adjustable wind speed, thermals and turbulence
• Various camera views in the cockpit, passenger views, external views, tower views, fly-by and more.
• Optional landmark labels for mountains, lakes and cities

• Realistic flight physics
• Fully simulated landing gear physics with natively shifting center of gravity on gear retraction, natural wheel and gear damping on all aircraft
• Fully simulated wing flex (not just an animation) on nearly all aircraft
• Independent simulation of all flight control actuators and flight control surfaces
• Cold and Dark option and engine start procedures in all aircraft, except after-burning jets.
• Highly detailed, animated and interactive 3D cockpits
• Highly sophisticated autopilot and flight-management system
• Realistic fly-by-wire simulations
• Realistic instrument navigation (ILS, NDB, VOR, TCN)
• Interactive flight management systems (FMS)
• Real-time landing lights and other exterior lights that illuminate the ground (on selected and powerful devices)
• Realistic internal lighting

See full details per aircraft: https://www.aerofly.com/features/aircraft/

Privacy policy: https://www.aerofly.com/privacy

End User License Agreements (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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